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Csonka Cigar Valet
The Csonka Cigar Valet provides the most graceful access to your grand selection of 12 to 14 prized cigars, along with all of the important accoutrements, as you travel the world. This gold standard for traveling over a dozen cigars was designed for the discriminating cigar lover....
Csonka Cigar Traveler
Portable Travel Humidor

The Csonka Cigar Traveler is simply the world’s favorite.  Undoubtedly, it’s the gold standard and everyone’s choice for transporting a perfect selection of 4 to 5 premium cigars, along with all of the important accessories. Created for the cigar enthusiast, who can travel it conveniently in many locations due to its compact size of only 1.7” x 4” x 8”, it’s the perfect golf bag humidor, automotive case, brief case companion and more...

Csonka Pocket Cigar Case
The Csonka Pocket Cigar Case is known to be the most classy way to travel 2 to 3 premium cigars. With all of the important accessories built right inside, it's the perfect choice for carrying a few great cigars. The Pocket Cigar Case, as well, is the gold standard based on its design and small size....
Csonka Cigar Survivor

The new Cigar Survivor™ is the affordable version of Csonka’s most popular Cigar Traveler™.  The Survivor is a wonderful 4 to 5 cigar portable travel humidor that uniquely combines status with multi-cigar transport security at a very affordable price. ..

Csonka Cigar Transporter

The very new Cigar Transporter™ is the ultra affordable version of the Csonka Pocket Cigar Case™.  The Transporter is a truly great, amazingly compact 2-cigar portable travel humidor that provides all the class and luxury associated with Csonka . . . yet at the lowest price possible. 

Csonka SmoKit
What Csonka has done for the standard size cigar market, we've accomplished for the smaller sized cigarillos. The great news is that it also is perfect for cigarettes as well. There's no doubt that the Csonka SmoKit is the coolest tobacco travel case yet, equipped with an array of unique silver accessories....
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